Bible Classes

Bible Classes

We strive to maintain Bible classes for all ages, and we work hard to do it well. We believe in biblical accuracy and sound doctrine, and we also believe in excellence. To that end, our Bible classes for adults are designed to be biblical, balanced, and practical, combining depth of study with the goal of making real-world applications. 

Following are our second-quarter adult class summaries for 2019. We have three classes on Sunday mornings (beginning at 9:00 am) and three different classes on Wednesday evenings (beginning at 7:00 pm). We welcome all to join us in our studies.

Sunday (April, May, June)

  • The Gospel of John with Doy Moyer - The Gospel of John will be a study of the content, purpose, miracles, and symbolism found in the Gospel. John focuses on the divine nature of Jesus in both creation and redemption. Many of Jesus’ “I AM” statements are found throughout, and these include much symbolism (e.g., light, bread, water, vine, shepherd, etc.). His miracles support His nature and His claims take front and center. There is also stress on the Holy Spirit. A study of John is a wonderful faith-building experience. 
  • Character Study of Biblical People with Daniel Gordon.  How men and women of the Bible shined their light in their specific circumstances in which God placed them.
  •  Nehemiah with Nathan Pitner.  This will be a study of Nehemiah in the context of light and leadership.

Wednesday (April, May, June)

  • Spiritual Warfare with Zack Lee and Phillip Lafferty -  We are in a war for our souls.  Be sober-minded; be watchful.  Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  Resist him... 1 Peter 5:8-9a.  Satan seeks to destroy, divide, discourage and defeat us.  In this class we will examine different Biblical characters who were tempted by Satan.  We will study how he used his trick to decieve.  By examining these characters we can learn how to better fight our spiritual battles.
  • A Study of Biblical Couples with Pete Heard  -  Learning from the good and bad decisions from Biblical couples.  The intent of this class is to strengthen our families in all stages of life.
  • Light, Water and Blood with Dean Harvison, Nathan Johnson and Paul Cavender - How God uses light, water, and blood to demonstrate His power and accomplish His purposes, separating the righteous from the unrighteous.