Shepherds, Deacons, and Evangelists

Shepherds, Deacons, and Evangelists

Our congregation, in striving to follow what we find in the Scriptures, is an independent group with shepherds, deacons, and evangelists. To read more about who we are and what we believe, click here.  


Brad Cavender (wife, Shelley)


Paul Cavender (wife, Debra)


Ken Kuykendall (wife, Charlene) 


Alan English (wife, Kelley)


Kerry Bowers (wife, Nancy)


            Mark Bice                                Joel Dembowski                       



            Roger Hall                                       Dean Harvison                         Chris Hendrix



        Gavin Jones                                 Wayne Moore                       Randy Mullinax                   



     Mark Robinson                        Rob Sandlin                     Brian Tipton                  










Zack Lee (wife, Sarah)