Bible Classes

Bible Classes

We strive to maintain Bible classes for all ages, and we work hard to do it well. We believe in biblical accuracy and sound doctrine, and we also believe in excellence. To that end, our Bible classes for adults are designed to be biblical, balanced, and practical, combining depth of study with the goal of making real-world applications. 

Following are our second-quarter adult class summaries for 2019. We have three classes on Sunday mornings (beginning at 9:00 am) and three different classes on Wednesday evenings (beginning at 7:00 pm). We welcome all to join us in our studies.

Sunday (October - December)

  •  Book of Job (continued from the present quarter) with Doy Moyer. (Meeting in the downstairs adult classroom near the elevator) 
  • The Heart of the Matter: Attitude of a Christian with Rob Sandlin.  (Meeting in the upstairs adult classroom) The life situations we find ourselves in, whether good or bad, affect our attitude.  Our attitude will affect how we react to those situations.  The basis of the class will be talking about our attitudes as Christians toward things both spiritual and worldly.
  • Deuteronomy: Living Like God’s Treasured People with Dean Harvison.  (Meeting in the downstairs adult classroom near the stairs) We will learn how to apply these ancient truths to our lives today. We will discuss fascinating truths such as what does the Promised Land represent for the Christian and discover the real reason why God did not allow Moses to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. 

Wednesday (October - December)

  • Foundations with Doy Moyer.  (Meeting in the downstairs adult classroom near the stairs)  While the class is ideal for newer converts, it also covers very important topics that will help those who have been Christians for longer periods. It will help in developing more awareness and appreciation for what it means to keep growing, to appreciate grace, to know hope, and to understand the people of God better and what we do when we come together. There will be plenty for everyone to think about, with an emphasis on practical outcomes. Everyone is invited to participate.
  • Diseases of the Heart with Frank Billingsley. (Meeting in the downstairs adult classroom near the elevator) The class will include general discussions of our relationship with God and the problem of sin.  As time permits we will look at overcoming specific heart diseases such as Unforgiving, Envy, Ingratitude, Judgment and fault finding, Pride, Doubt, Fear, Worry, Hatred, Discouragement, Impatience, Prejudice.

  • College & Careers: I & II Thessalonians with Zack Lee.  (Meeting in the upstairs adult classroom)  Do you feel as if your faith is under attack?  A study of these two letters will encourage us to stay focused on Christ and to grow in godliness.