Bible Classes

Bible Classes

We strive to maintain Bible classes for all ages, and we work hard to do it well. We believe in biblical accuracy and sound doctrine, and we also believe in excellence. To that end, our Bible classes for adults are designed to be biblical, balanced, and practical, combining depth of study with the goal of making real-world applications. 

Following are our first-quarter adult class summaries for 2019. We have three classes on Sunday mornings (beginning at 9:00 am) and three different classes on Wednesday evenings (beginning at 7:00 pm). We welcome all to join us in our studies.

Sunday (January, February and March)

  • The Gospel of John with Doy Moyer - The Gospel of John will be a study of the content, purpose, miracles, and symbolism found in the Gospel. John focuses on the divine nature of Jesus in both creation and redemption. Many of Jesus’ “I AM” statements are found throughout, and these include much symbolism (e.g., light, bread, water, vine, shepherd, etc.). His miracles support His nature and His claims take front and center. There is also stress on the Holy Spirit. A study of John is a wonderful faith-building experience. Note that this class will be designed to cross over more than a 13 week quarter. 
  • Closer to Christ from The Book of Daniel with Curtis Cook and Kerry Bowers
  •  Prayer and Providence with Nathan Johnson

Wednesday (January, February and March)

  • Four Letter Words all Christians Should Know with Harry Chandler -  A topical discussion of 13 four letter words Christians should know and practical applications of each word in the Christian walk.
  • Types and Shadows with Zack Lee  -  Jesus said, "You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me" (John 5:39). In this class we will embark on a journey through the pages of the Old Testament to see where we can find Christ, His church, and God's plan of redemption. This study should deepen your understanding of Old Testament stories, promises, and prophecies. It is amazing to see how Christ is displayed throughout the pages of Scripture. 
  • Study on Philippians and Colossians with Jon Cunningham - This class will be a textual study of Philippians and Colossians, with a topical emphasis on displaying God-like light.  Specifically what can we do to protect our mentality and maintain our focus, which in turn assists in our effort and desire to display Godly light.  We'll look to Paul as an example: he was imprisoned, beaten with rods, shipwrecked, betrayed by friends, etc., all the while maintaining his faith, dedication, focus and his Godly mentality.  My hope and goal within this class is to learn from Paul on how we too can maintain and protect our mentality, leading to Godly actions, which in-turn results in the display of Godly light.