Bible Classes

Bible Classes

We strive to maintain Bible classes for all ages, and we work hard to do it well. We believe in biblical accuracy and sound doctrine, and we also believe in excellence. To that end, our Bible classes for adults are designed to be biblical, balanced, and practical, combining depth of study with the goal of making real-world applications. 

We have  classes on Sunday mornings (beginning at 9:00 am) and class on Wednesday evenings (beginning at 7:00 pm). We welcome all to join us in our studies.

Classes April - June 2024 on our meeting days are as follows:

Sundays - 9AM

  • “Matthew” - Part 2 with Kyle Pope   This class continues the second part of a study that was begun last quarter but you need not to have been in this class to benefit from joining now. In the second half of Matthew’s account of the life of Christ, Jesus confronts the hypocrisy and unfaithfulness of the Jewish leaders of His day. This will lead to a series of confrontations in the temple courts, followed by the most extensive private discourse in Scripture on ends times and God’s judgment of Israel. The inevitable result of this rebuke of the scribes and Pharisees will accomplish the very purpose of Jesus coming to earth: His death, burial, and resurrection from the dead.  Come join us in this study!
  • The Challenge of Commitment with Randy Mullinax  Real commitment to Christ involves a change in attitude and actions.  It is developing "the mind of Christ”. It’s about obedience, self-sacrifice and personal involvement in the lives of others.  We will discuss real life situations that can challenge our commitment to the Lord.
  • College & Young Professionals (Sundays only) 1&2 Timothy and Titus  with Blake Norris  This class will be a review of the epistles written by Paul to Timothy and Titus. We will discuss and get a better understanding of Paul’s instructions to these fellow workers in the faith including church leadership, continuing in sound doctrine and faithfulness, and faithful Christian living. 


Wednesdays (7PM)

  • Judges and Ruth with Kyle Pope  After the exodus from Egypt before kings reigned, the Israelites were ruled by “judges.” God used these military leaders to deliver His people out of oppression. The book of Judges is a chronicle of this wild and chaotic period. The book of Ruth records the touching events that happened to one Moabite woman during this period that brought her into the ancestry of Jesus.    

  • The Barnabas Touch with Jason Moore  Encouragement is an important “one another” responsibility in the body of Christ (Heb. 10:25). It’s also an effective way to “walk in wisdom toward outsiders” (Col. 4:5-6) This workshop will instruct and motivate us to learn 10 skills that Barnabas models in the story of Acts so that we can be more mindful and skillful encouragers.