Bible Classes

Bible Classes

We strive to maintain Bible classes for all ages, and we work hard to do it well. We believe in biblical accuracy and sound doctrine, and we also believe in excellence. To that end, our Bible classes for adults are designed to be biblical, balanced, and practical, combining depth of study with the goal of making real-world applications. 

Following are our fourth-quarter adult class summaries for 2021. We have  classes on Sunday mornings (beginning at 9:00 am) and class on Wednesday evenings (beginning at 7:00 pm). We welcome all to join us in our studies.

Sunday 9:00am (October - December)

  • Learning Lessons from Minor Characters Throughout Scripture with Dean Harvison.   We will look at lesser known people in the Bible and glean insights from these men and women. We will look at men like Uriah and Mordecai and their wise choices; and also men like Lot and attempt to learn from their poor judgement.    College age through adult class, meeting in the auditorium.

Wednesday 7:00pm (October - December)

  • The Life of Paul  with Kerry Bowers.  As Christians, we are all familiar with the writings of the Apostle Paul through his many Epistles.  But how much do we know about the man?  This study will take an in-depth look at the life and times of the Apostle Paul, from his beginnings in a Gentile city ruled by Roman authorities to his rise in Judaism to his conversion to become a Christian. There is much we can learn about our commitment to Jesus from a deep look into his character, his tireless work, his courage and conviction and the sacrifices he made to take the Gospel of Jesus to the Gentile world.    College age through adult class, meeting in the auditorium.